Mixed Bag

Although known for her event photography, portraiture and real estate services, Liz loves to tackle more creative photo projects as well—from scenery and architecture to story telling and gastronomy. 

If you would like to speak with Liz about a special project, she is happy to listen and help where she can. Specialty photography pricing will be determined based on the scope of each project.

“As Executive Director of Stuart Main Street, I needed to update the web site which is crucial to our planning and future success. My board told me that they knew just the right person to take pictures we needed, that person was Liz. Her creative eye combined with her friendly disposition makes her an ideal choice when you are looking for a professional. It was a real joy working with Elizabeth and I look forward to other opportunities where her talent will add just the touch that we need.”

Frank A. Mezzapelle, Jr.

Executive Director, Stuart Main Street/ Flagler Center of Stuart